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Sensation Comics #38 Review

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Sensation Comics Issue 38 CoverClearing out the cobwebs with her fists.

Creative Staff:
Story: Matthew Manning
Art: Georges Jeanty, Karl Story & Dexter Vines

What They Say:
“A Moment of Peace” part 1 of 1! Even Wonder Woman sometimes needs a vacation—and after a vicious battle, Batman sends her to an idyllic mountain town for some R&R. But the countryside isn’t quite as peaceful as advertised when Solomon Grundy shows up!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Sensation Comics hits another story that fits into the general larger fabric of Wonder Woman, providing us a tale that stands alone while delving a bit into what someone like Diana needs to clear her head. With a few stories now dealing with the real world side of things or basic superheroics, it’s been fun overall, but it also gets to be a little bit familiar, missing out on some of the really craetive takes that we’ve had in previous installments. Still, the team here puts together a solid story that lets Diana shine and to interact with others in a way we don’t see often in this series overall.

Considering the kinds of things that one would see as a superhero, it’s no surprise that there are events that just hit you hard and you end up really needing a break from things. That’s what opens the book here as we see Diana going into a build where Batman has found Dr. Destiny hooked up to a whole lot of kids through mindcaps where he was basically feeding off of their dreams to give himself a power boost. Unfortunately for him, it turned into a junkie situation and he’s just a mess to be taken off to Arkham more than the usual event of beating him up. But for Diana, seeing an attack like that happen in her city, it impacts her a lot and she’s just at a loss. What helps her a bit is that Batman is able to understand it, revealing a bit of his past with his father and how he coped with things he saw as a doctor, and offering to set her up in the mountains for a little downtime.

Diana’s time in the mountains at the resort isn’t one that will go quietly for long, though it’s welcome to see her enjoying the simpleness of the place briefly and some time out in the woods with the animals. Discovering that Solomon Grundy is up there causing trouble, and messing things in town, doesn’t come as a surprise because we can’t get a book that just has her reconnecting with nature or doing something maybe primal instead that allows for the same result. She gets to defeat the villain du jour, realizing that it was what she really needed rather than contemplation or something else. And that Batman set the whole thing up knowing it. It’s standard stuff, well illustrated for the most part, but nothing truly surprising overall.

In Summary:
Sensation Comics hits us up with another standard story, a single part one that lets Diana do her reflection with action rather than contemplation. it works nicely to bring her and Bruce a touch closer in a way with a sense of understanding each other and what they need, but I had hoped for something a little more for her here. The opening portion of the book definitely sets a solid tone for what kind of mental state seeing something like that would do, and the way it uses Dr. Destiny to achieve it certainly works well too. It’s a solidly put together book, but one that doesn’t get me excited or has me wanting to show others to get them to read it, instead leaving me with something that’ll be a bit unmemorable in the long run.

Grade: B-

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: DC Comics via ComiXology
Release Date: June 11th, 2015
MSRP: $0.99