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Toei Planning Upscaled ‘Devilman’ Japanese Blu-ray Anime Box Set

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DevilmanJapanese audiences seem to be fine with it, so Toei is going with another upscale release with one of their older works, this time with the thirty-nine episode Devilman series from 1972. The distributor has set an October 7th, 2015 debut for the box set that will be priced at 45,000 yen. The show will be getting a six disc release with PCM mono audio for the Japanese language track, while a bonus DVD will be included with the extras that are planned for it. So far it looks like it’ll include the 60 minute  memorial from 1999 that was released n VHS and DVd, the pilot film, the clean opening and closings and potentially a bit more as well.

Plot concept: Devilman, one of the soldiers in the Demon clan, is ordered by the greatest demon to spread chaos in the earth. He successfully haunts the body of Akira, an orphan, and goes in his way to attend to his duties. In the mean time, the Demon clan discovers that he has betrayed them. The reason was love. Demon after demon was sent to defy Devilman. All have lost, However, and from here continues the story.

[Source: Devilman (TV) BD-Box]

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