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‘Gamba’ 3DCG Anime Feature Gets First Full Teaser

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GambaAnnounced earlier this year and timed well with the original TV series from the 70’s hitting Blu-ray, Toei Japan has now unveiled the first teaser trailer for the October 10th, 2015 debut of Gamba. Considering the popularity and sales of the 3DCG Doraemon feature, this really isn’t a surprise. The new film is based n the original 1972 novel and will be called Gamba and His Fellows and has a 2 billion yen budget to it. The film will also be getting a North american release down the line as Avi Arad is on board as en executive producer.

The TV series is one of those quieter pieces of anime history that never gets attention overseas due to its limited distribution. The show came from Osamu Dezaki as the overall director while working with Yoshio Takeuchi and Hideo Takayashi on scripts and episode direction. Both have a wide range of credits over the years with Takeuchi being the chief animation director and an episode director on Space Adventure Cobra while Takayashi worked on scripts for Maison Ikkoku and Master Keaton and a lot of Onii-sama e… His later works included Rainbow, RideBack and Strawberry Panic among others.

Plot concept: An adventurous wild mouse called Gamba travels with his friends to see the ocean but he finds an injured mouse and hears about the violence of white ferret Noroi. Gamba decides to help the mice suffering under Noroi’s tyranny.

Original trailer:

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