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‘Mega Man Star Force’ Anime Begins Hulu Distribution

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Mega Man Star ForceAdd another series that’s now streaming on Neon Alley as powered by Hulu as Mega Man Star Force is available.  The series originally ran back in 2006 for 55 episodes and got some distribution previously through the Toonami Jetstream program years ago. The original episodes are approximately ten minutes each, so the thirteen episode run here captures a good chunk of the show. Not surprisingly, it’s in English only and is fairly limited in availability and options as those with a Hulu Plus gain the extra ability to  watch this show on your TV and mobile devices.

Plot concept: The year is 22XX. JAXA, the space science lab, discovers a planet where extraterrestrials live. A space satellite is launched to establish friendly relations with the planet, but the satellite is destroyed in an accident of unknown cause. Contact with the planet fails. Subaru’s father was on the satellite… Since the disappearance of his father, Subaru is scared to communicate with people.

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