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Discotek Media Updates On ‘IGPX’ Anime Release

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Discotek Media took to social media today to talk about their acquisition of IGPX last year and have some new information about it, though no home video release date yet:

“IGPX update! Toonami had a panel at Momocon where they showed a new trailer for IGPX. They are remastering the Toonami version to 16:9 and it will be released in our upcoming set. Also some brand new extras are being created just for our release. We should be able to post the trailer later this week.”

Discotek Media announced last fall that they will be releasing a complete box set in 2015 in its original Japanese language form with subtitles as well as the English dub. While the show was animated in high definition at the time, there is no Blu-ray release in Japan yet so one should not be expected here.

The series was previously released on DVD from Bandai Entertainment in both uncut and Toonami versions, though fans have often just written the whole thing off as a bad racing series. It’s one that I thought did a lot of very good things with some slick animation at the time to make it pretty exciting and fun and definitely worth checking out if you’ve never seen it before.

Plot Concept: The year is 2048, and the world’s attention has been captured by the most extreme of sports: the Immortal Grand Prix. At speeds greater than 350 mph, state of the art fighting Mechs battle it out on an enormous track know as “The Big Eye”. Catapulting from their victory in the minor-league IG-2, Team Satomi must prepare to face the greatest of challenges in the major leagues. Led by racing phenom Takeshi Jin, Team Satomi is going to have to tighten up their team work, and prepare for the greatest of challenges found both off and on the track in the Big Eye.

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