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Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Wonderland #35 Review

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Wonderland Issue 35 CoverMadness in Wonderland … or is it just a normal day?

Creative Staff:
Writer: Erica J. Heflin
Art: Manuel Preitano

What They Say:
After years of torment at the hands of Wonderland and its many psychopathic denizens, Calie Liddle finally claimed a victory. By defeating the Queen of Spades, Calie assumed leadership of Wonderland. And now she cares for the realm that once existed to torment her family. With the White Rabbit and a newly reformed Cheshire Cat by her side, Calie seeks to transform the tainted realm to its former glory … But it will not be an easy task.

This is the story of Calie Liddle … White Queen of Wonderland.

Content (please note that portions of a review may contain spoilers):
The Terror is a phantom set loose upon Wonderland. It feasts on the nightmares of its inhabitants and it can only slain via the artifact En Passant; however, if the spirit has possessed a physical form, it must be lured out by a more powerful dream.

In this realm, that is no dilemma for Wonderland is ruled by madness. But, who volunteer to be the creature’s new feast? And will they be able to avoid the temptation of that an inhabitation will bring? Or will they wish to resist such a partnership?

The fight has just begun and the combatants will relish the exquisite aroma such a battle will embroil for the upcoming feast of victory.

But, whom will be able to enjoy the delicious banquet and who will be left with the scraps of defeat? Only tooth, claw and sword will yield a suitable diner to be left to savour the fruits of combat. Which side will prevail?

Only the sanity of Wonderland will know the outcome. If that is suitable decision.

In Summary:
The entirety of the Wonderland series has been shrouded in the melancholy of the Liddle family. Three generations have succumbed to the madness of the realm and now Calie reigns over it. However, the prevailing tedium of the storyline is what drives the characters to fight against the insanity. Successful or otherwise, the descendants of Alice have sought to conquer their cursed legacy; but will the White Queen be the one to win or just be another victim ground underfoot?

The hunt for the Terror reflects the care the Queen deems for her subjects and yet, with every step she takes toward the solution, the more it seems that same quest fills her with self doubt. She questions her reasons and those of her kingdom which hides more mysteries behind every ruin. Every question brings more questions and the answers are hidden like Cheshire’s answers: a riddle within a riddle.

Although Calie seems to make some progress in this issue, it all seems for naught. She keeps hesitating in that there will never be an end to the rabbit hole; it keeps twisting into a new paranoia.

Will Squire be the help she needs to bring an understanding to the insanity or will she be another delusion to this nightmare?

Grade: B

Rating: 16+

Released By: Zenescope via ComiXology
Release Date: May 13th, 2015
MSRP: $3.99

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