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Tribe Cool Crew Episode #31 – 32 Anime Review

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Tribe Cool Crew Episode 31Abandon shipping…or not

What They Say:
Haneru is a kid who’s always been into dancing and dreams of becoming a famous dancer like his idol Jey-El. One day while he’s practicing his moves at his usual spot he finds out it’s the same place where a girl named Kanon also practices and she’s secretly a famous dancer known as Rhythm who’s well known on the internet. After being impressed by her moves and finding out she’s been watching his, he decides to form a dance team with her.

The Review:
Content (warning as portions of this review may contain spoilers):

Tribe Cool Crew is back to it’s mid-tourney episode hi-jinks with these two episodes and the show’s mainly in full on gag territory. Of course since the gag episodes are in and of themselves a bit of a mixed bag it’s not particularly a good thing. This time around though it manages to pull out a real winner with the first one…while the other’s mostly a dud.

So the first of these is a shipping episode…or more accurately a parody of shipping (even right down to the eyecatch making fun of shipping labels). Kanon’s friend Ayumu plays a dating sim one night and decides that Kanon and Haneru are destined to be a couple and they should, no, HAVE to be together and it’s her duty to make it happen. Of course this (obviously) isn’t that kind of show and though Kanon tries to tell her she’s not quite interested in Haneru that way (though she does a bad job of denying it) it only throws further fuel to the shipping fire when Kanon tells her how she and Haneru first met.

After becoming acquainted with Haneru’s friend Koji, she ropes him into her shipping antics and plots to set Haneru and Kanon out on a date at the amusement park. However despite trying everything from screamcoasters to a love kappa(Master T is truly versed in all things), all her attempts to them closer backfire and even when Kanon does give Haneru a “confession” it just ends up being her telling him how grateful she is for him making her his dance partner. It all culminates in her sending the two into a haunted house in last ditch effort to let Haneru prove what a man he is, but that ends up backfiring too and Kanon ends up being protector instead, sucking any “romance” right out of it.

All is not lost though, as when Ayumu goes in after them she ends up falling victim to the haunted house herself and gets rescued by Koji as she gains a small crush on him. The whole experience makes Ayumu realize Haneru and Kanon are more or less fine the way they are for now and there’s no need to force it.  Thus while one ship is not-really sunken, another arises, which all in all makes for a pretty funny episode and definitely on the higher tier of the gag ones.

However the same cannot be said for the following episode. Yuzuru’s “fiancee”(he’s apparently still humoring her on that one), Momiji returns , and this time deciding she wants to become a dance just like he is. Kumo decides it’s okay but only if she’s willing to learn the basics and dumps the job of teaching her onto Haneru. She proves to be a difficult student (and a little difficult to tolerate watching) thanks to her annoying tengu antics, though it does turn into a little lesson for Haneru as the others claim she’s just as overenthusiastic as he used to be. Eventually Haneru decides to get some advice on the matter from his dad who tells him the best thing to do is just endure it until she improves. similar to how the others endured his growth.

Momiji next decides she wants to learn how to do dancer salutes but despite her efforts, she’s not very good at them since she can’t do a finger snap and decides to start taking the basics more seriously. She proves to be a pretty fast learner when she’s actually focused and masters isolation pretty quickly. With that new skill down she decides she’s apparently good enough to dance along side the others and the show treats us to a new dance sequence for our troubles. Though mostly nice as the actual dancing and music is, the sequence is hindered by shoving in a bunch of random and incredibly awkward looking fanservicey shots of Momiji dancing (too far guys, too far),

So to top it all off even though she only does isolation the others think she’s good enough to be a TriCool member and allow her to join…only for her to decide she doesn’t want to be a dancer anymore after seeing a video of Jey-El’s moves and knowing she’ll never be that good (thank you for sparing us Jey-El). The whole entire ordeal was pretty much pointless and the only thing gained from it was a bit of development for Haneru as he learns what it means to be a teacher and what that meant for Kumo when he had to help train him. Afterwards Yuzuru asks her why she even wanted to take up dancing anyway and it’s because she sensed an evil aura and wanted to be near Yuzuru to keep him safe…yep it went there.

This whole evil aura thing is further reinforced by Master T sensing a disturbance in the for- er…I mean “moves” and it’s likely related to the Crowd High thing from a couple of eps back. To be honest as much as I’m willing accept things as silly as Yuzuru having a secret bishonen transformation, the idea of a genuine supernatural elements of sorts being in the show is taking things just a little too far and hopefully it really isn’t going there. In the meantime though, Momiji decides to return the mountains and with luck this’ll be the last we see of her for a while. It seems whenever tengu-girl’s in town, mediocrity is afoot.

In Summary:

The show rolls out another pair of gag episodes, though once again we end up with a pretty extreme mixed bag. The shipping parody episode is appropriately fun, but Momiji coming back sadly is not and not only makes for a fairly pointless affair, but also one that introduces a potential element the show’s better off without. It looks like the show’s going to stay in gag territory for at least one more episode, but hopefully things are a little more even the next time.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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