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Animatsu’s ‘Knights of Sidonia’ Collectors Edition Anime Dated

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Knights of Sidonia
Knights of Sidonia

Announced as being picked up this past weekend at the MCM London Expo, plans for Animatsu’s release of Knights of Sidonia with its first season were set for August. Now it’s showing up on Amazon UK with a planned August 17th, 2015 release date that’s priced at £49.99. With limited amounts of these being made, it’s always best to get your preorder in early here.

The US version from Sentai Filmworks included the extras of Alternate Angle Version – Uncensored, Behind the Scenes Parts 1-2, Press Conference, Advanced Screening, Sounds of Sidonia, Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation. The pack-ins for their limited edition includes a poster, a sticker, 15 postcards, and a foil postcard and more.

Check out our review of that release here.

Plot Concept: Outer space, the far future.

A lone seed ship, the Sidonia, plies the void, ten centuries since the obliteration of the solar system. The massive, nearly indestructible, yet barely sentient alien life forms that destroyed humanity’s home world continue to pose an existential threat.

Nagate Tanikaze has only known life in the vessel’s bowels deep below the sparkling strata where humans have achieved photosynthesis and new genders. Not long after he emerges from the Underground, however, the youth is bequeathed a treasured legacy by the spaceship’s coolheaded female captain.

Meticulously drawn, peppered with clipped humor, but also unusually attentive to plot and structure for the international cult favorite, Knights of Sidonia may be Tsutomu Nihei’s most accessible work to date even as it hits notes of tragic grandeur as a hopeless struggle for survival unfolds.

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