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‘.hack//SIGN’ Anime Gets More Bilingual Streaming

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FUNimation’s rolling out more of their series .hack//SIGN now that we’re a couple of months past the home video release and that means English language fans get more to check out. The company previous brought out the first four episodes in bilingual form, and the whole series subtitled, and today they’ve added episode five through twenty-five in English language form onto their service here.

The series is one that was originally licensed by Bandai Entertainment when it came out well over a decade ago and FUNimation picked up the rights for it and several other series within the overall .hack framework.

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Plot concept: Tsukasa awakens inside The World, an immense online RPG filled with monsters, magic, and mayhem. When he discovers he’s unable to log out of this mysterious game, he joins forces with a colorful group of characters and begins a desperate quest to find his way back to real life.

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