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‘Aoharu x Kikanju’ Anime Cast Expands, Premiere Set

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Aoharu x KikanjuThe anime adaptation of the manga series from NAOE called Aoharu x Kikanju has revealed some new information as we’re now inching closer to the summer season. The show has now formally been set to be a summer 2015 series with a July debut and they’ll be rolling out more information at an event in June. Ahead of that, it’s been revealed that Kazuyuki Okitsu has joined the cast as Nagamasa Midori and Eri Kitamura as Ichi Akabane. The series is set to be directed by Hideaki Nakano based on scripts by Kenji Konuta. Character designs are coming from Junko Yamanaka, who is also serving as chief animation director. The animation is being produced at Brains Base.

The previously announced cast included Mikako Komatsu as Hotaru Tachibana, Tomoaki Maeno as Masamune Matsuoka and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Tohru Yukimura.

The property is NAOE’s first work, which started off as a one-shot that appeared in Gangan Online back in the summer of 2011 and then spent some time being reworked into an ongoing series, which kicked off in the summer of 2012 in GFantasy magazine. It has six volumes out so far, of which you can see the covers for below.

Plot concept: Matsuoka and Yukki were close friends who dreamed of becoming professional soccer players together. But their hopes were dashed when Yukki moved away due to family issues. Years pass and Matsuoka is now a host while Yukki has become a hentai mangaka. Matsuoka meets Yukki again while the latter is fleeing from his editor, and is soon introduced to his childhood friend’s latest obsession…

Aoharu x Kikanju Japanese Volume 1

Aoharu x Kikanju Japanese Volume 2

Aoharu x Kikanju Japanese Volume 6

Aoharu x Kikanju Japanese Volume 5

Aoharu x Kikanju Japanese Volume 4

Aoharu x Kikanju Japanese Volume 3[Source: ANN]


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