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‘Saki Biyori’ Manga Spinoff Gets First Anime Promo

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SakiWe haven’t heard too much about the bundled anime episode coming up with the fourteenth volume of Ritz Kobayashi’s Saki manga since it was announced back in September 2014. But now that we’re getting closer to its debut, Square Enix has dropped a new nearly two minute long promo for the episode, which is working off of the Saki Biyori spinoff manga from Saya Kisohi. That series is a four panel spinoff series of the main work by Ritz Kobayashi. The title is designed around little humorous side stories for the girls that have little meaning overall but provide for a good bit of humor and fun.

The episode marks the return of the original staff as it’s being directed by Kenji Sato based on the scenario by Tatsuhiko Urahata and character designs Masakatsu Sasaki. Tt’s being animated at Studio Gokumi.

The episode will be bundled on DVD with the limited edition releases of the 14th installment of the main Saki series, which is set to land on July 25th, 2015. With the slow pace of releasing compilations of four panel books and the smaller audience overall, it definitely makes sense to have fun with the property by releasing it with the main title itself.

Original series concept: Miyanaga Saki is a high school freshman who doesn’t like mahjong. Ever since she was a child, she would lose her New Year’s gift money during her family mahjong game. If she won, her parents would be upset, and if she lost, well, she lost. As a result, she’s learned to play in such a way that her score always remains plus/minus zero: not good enough to win, but not bad enough to lose. When we meet her, she’s being dragged to her school’s mahjong club by an old friend. How will a girl who hates mahjong, yet has become adept at the game as a result of her upbringing, survive in this environment?

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