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New Manga Releases For April 14th, 2015

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Lets Dance A Waltz Volume 1 CoverWhat a week for new manga. Truly. There may just be fifteen titles, but there’s such a good mix of things hitting here, and new series with some diversity, that you have to adore it. While we have plenty of ongoings, we also get the debut of Let’s Dance a Waltz from Kodansha Comics. Seven Seas Entertainment entertains us with 12 Beast in its debut. Dark Horse Comics brings out the first installment of Oreimo: Kuroneko. And Sublime Manga introduces us to The World’s Greatest First Love. And somehow Viz Media manages to find enough people to continue to support Case Closed. A new installment of My Neighbor Seki as well? Add in a little hentai live from Project-H and the ongoings in general and there’s just plenty to dig into.

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  1. 12 Beast, vol. 1 (Seven Seas)
  2. Attack on Titan: Junior High, vol. 3 (Kodansha)
  3. Bust to Bust (Project-H)
  4. Case Closed (Detective Conan), vol. 54 (Viz)
  5. Deadman Wonderland, vol. 8 (Viz)
  6. Fantasy Hentai: School Girls (Project-H)
  7. Gakuen Polizi, vol. 2 (Seven Seas)
  8. Itsuwaribito, vol. 14 (Viz)
  9. Let’s Dance a Waltz, vol. 1 (Kodansha)
  10. Magi, vol. 11 (Viz)
  11. Magical Girl Apocalypse, vol. 3 (Seven Seas)
  12. My Neighbor Seki, vol. 2 (Vertical)
  13. Oreimo: Kuroneko, vol. 1 (Dark Horse)
  14. Puru Puru Hearts (Project-H)
  15. The World’s Greatest First Love, vol. 1 (SuBLime)
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