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Top 10 Redesigns of DC Characters

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Character DesignsThe DC Comics All Access episode this week has a pretty fun piece within it for its top ten piece as it delves into the various costume designs that were reworked over the years. Costume design changes are fairly normal overall in the world of comics, especially just in some of the small variations that each individual artist can bring to it, but there’s also the outright complete changes that often come into play, especially with the less than iconic characters since they’re not so easily changed without causing an uproar.

Just look at what Superman goes through over the years with his various changes, since so many associate the older costume popularized through the films as the iconic costume.

The top ten works through a lot of different characters over the years, with some of the redesigns going back quite a few years as well, while also touching upon some more recent ones as well. It’s definitely good to see that the list works with changes that happened across the overall history rather than just recent changes.

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