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‘Place Promised in Our Early Days’ & ‘Elfen Lied’ Anime Return To UK Market

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Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied

While we’ve not had too much out of the 101 Anime label from 101 Film in the UK for awhile, they’re bringing out a couple more releases in the near future that plugs away at the old ADV Films North American catalog. The latest releases are certainly interesting ones as they’ve got a planned July 27th, 2015 release date for Elfen Lied, which looks to mirror the recent US release. It’s coming on Blu-ray and is priced at £59.99 while containing the bilingual edition with the same extras on two discs. It’s getting the OVA, which the UK release never had, and it’s getting done in a metal tin.

Also coming out, set for an October 26th, 2015 release date, is a twin pack that will contain The Place Promised in Our Early Days with Voices of a Distant Star, which is getting both a DVD twin pack release and a Blu-ray twin pack release. They’ll be bilingual releases with a lot of extras that we had seen on the previous editions.

Elfen Lied: Lucy, a beautiful young mutant, is bred by the military to be the ultimate weapon. Now, with government killers on her trail, the disposition of a five year old, and a hair trigger for ultraviolence, Lucy and her young friends must unravel the dark secret of her legacy before it’s too late.

Place Promised in Our Early Days: In 1996, an enormous tower is constructed on the southern shore of Hokkaido, it’s purpose-unknown. Curious, three school children make a vow to discover the mysterious tower’s secrets. Will this promise have to be left unfulfilled when one of the three falls into a coma?

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