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Fin Punch Episode #11 Review

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Fin Punch Episode 11What they say:
McClane and a mysterious girl look around the office for Murphy’s broken horn.

The Review:
The episode begins with a shot of an elevator which lasts several seconds. Meanwhile key plot points get like a frame. Anyway, McClane and plot twist girl exit the elevator and spout exposition. Plot twist girl reveals some of McClane’s obligatory tragic back story. Key things likely to come were also foreshadowed in their talk. I’m sure you are curious about them but the writer of this review is too hopped up on painkillers to analyze the episode. Plot twist girl also indirectly reveals she is most likely bananas so this entire episode could very well have been a waste of time.

In summary:      
This episode was middle of the road. True the drama hit strongly but the comedy was less effective than previous episodes and there’s this lingering feeling in me that it was all just cooked up by plot twist girl’s imagination. The plot went so far off the rails I honestly thought I had just gone crazy myself. There was a marked improvement in animation quality again. Watch this episode if only for the delicious tonally misplaced melodrama.

Grade: C

Streamed by: Youtube

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