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Martial Arts Drama ‘Into the Badlands’ Gets First Teaser

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Into the BadlandsAMC knew it had to put in small teaser spots for all of its upcoming original projects for the rest of the year to get the attention they need, but they also needed to make sure they sold enough commercial time to justify everything. So what we get are a bunch of short little teases that don’t offer much. That said, one that could be interesting when it debuts this fall is that of Into the Badlands, which is looking to work a “genre-bending” approach to the martial arts drama series. The show comes from the creators behind Smallville with Al Gough and Miles Millar, who have a whole lot of experience in shepherding shows into lengthy runs.

The series is set to star Emily Beecham as The Widow, Sarah Bolger as Jade, Orla Brady as Lydia, Oliver Stark as Ryder and Daniel Wu as Sunny. The series is slotted for a six episode run.

Plot concept: A mighty warrior and a young boy search for enlightenment in a ruthless territory controlled by feudal barons.

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