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Animator Expo Short #14 Anime Review

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Animator Expo 14What they say:
A dog named Matt has a serious sexual problem. He decided to visit a detective agency known that there is a most beautiful woman in town.

The Review:
Machspeed, an annoying hyperactive detective shark and his companions force a… dog (?) into their office and proceed to murder him. When his father arrives they use his corpse to pretend to be him. Just for clarification: these are our protagonists. Several years of therapy later (for me, I mean), Machspeed and his friends murder the father and his lackeys, establishing that they will be completely irredeemable jerks, and flee the scene. A lady with a sword, the most practical weapon to use in modern times, murders the blow-up doll and Machspeed, in retaliation, murders everyone the lady loves. The lady correctly christens Machspeed a monster and he then murders her too. He gets away with all this and goes back to his daily life.

In Summary:     
This could very well be the worst Animator Expo short to date. Visually it’s radically different from anything I’ve ever seen before, which I loved, but content wise it was repulsive. The way it went about characterizing noir films just does not work. The protagonist is not a compelling character he’s just really annoying moreover his motivations are so poorly thought through. I guess it remains true to its name though if this is one’s cup of tea but for the general public I would recommend watching something else.

Grade: C-

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