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Second ‘Student Council’s Discretion’ Season Begins Hulu Digital Distribution

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Student Councils Discretion Level 2With the DVD and Blu-ray release still a bit off as they have a May 26th, 2015 release date, Sentai Filmworks, through The Anime Network, is now streaming the anime series Student Council’s Discretion Lv. 2 season on Hulu. The show is a bit shorter than the first season, clocking in at just eleven episodes, but it’s presented in its original Japanese language form with English subtitles for all the jokes, gags and references to be had for the otaku in you. The Hulu run only has the ten episodes that were broadcast though as the OVA is not included in this, though you can see it at The Anime Network itself, but the show is available in HD on your TV, mobile and computer if you’re a Hulu Plus member.

Check out the first episode below!

Plot concept: Sometimes you have to think outside the box, but Hekiyo Academy’s Student Council may go a step further and rewrite their entire universe! At least, that’s what could happen as the second season gets underway and the Council decides that their own anime might need a little spicing up. Should they introduce new characters? Add a boy’s-love subplot? Or should they just continue to do what worked previously and spend most of their time chattering between themselves while working towards odd goals that might turn out to have been a little misguided in retrospect?

The answer is “yes” to all of the above and more: class barriers and the fourth wall come tumbling down as a supporting character literally takes up the challenge of moving up to main character status. The plot thickens with the mystery of a missing cake. The boundaries of love between step-siblings get pushed just a few steps beyond what’s socially comfortable and there just has to be a hot springs episode, doesn’t there? Of course there does! Join 5 student council members in search of an author as the storyline runs amok!

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