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Bandai Visual Debuts New Japanese ‘Code Geass’ Blu-ray Anime Box Set Promos

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Code GeassIn support of the release of the third and fourth installments of Akito the Exiled this year, Bandai Visual is also bringing out the original Code Geass seasons in new box sets, though they’re basically just resolicits with no changes as even the prices are the same. With that, two new promos have come out with one for each of the box sets/seasons to remind fans why they love the show.

The 2013 box sets for this were pretty nicely done with a special disc that includes new picture drama and complete previous ones (9 episodes), anime part from PSP game “Code Geass : Lost Colors”, stage 8.5 “The Mask’s Tracks (Kamen no Kiseki)”, stage 8.5 trailer, stage 17.5 “Truth Behind the Mask (Kamen no Shinjitsu)”, stage 17.5 trailer, opening and ending videos without credit, stage 23 ending (on air), prologue scene, extra scene, special trailer from stage 24 & 25 and much more. Main special features include audio commentaries for all the nine episodes on main disc(s) from each volumes and a new audio commentary.

Both releases also feature the upgraded Japanese 5.1 audio. Of course, there are no English subtitles. The first season is set to debut on May 27th, 2015 while the second will be on September 25th, 2015. Both are priced at 31,500 yen each.

The series was originally released here by Bandai Entertainment on DVD, but it was picked up by FUNimation recently as part of a number of Sunrise animated titles split between a few domestic distributors. We don’t have a new North American release date or information yet, but it’s good to remember why we want it with a short but sweet trailer.

Plot concept: On August 10th of the year 2010 the Holy Empire of Britannia began a campaign of conquest, its sights set on Japan. Operations were completed in one month thanks to Britannia’s deployment of new mobile humanoid armor vehicles dubbed Knightmare Frames. Japan’s rights and identity were stripped away, the once proud nation now referred to as Area 11. Its citizens, Elevens, are forced to scratch out a living while the Britannian aristocracy lives comfortably within their settlements. Pockets of resistance appear throughout Area 11, working towards independence for Japan.

Lelouch, an exiled Imperial Prince of Britannia posing as a student, finds himself in the heart of the ongoing conflict for the island nation. Through a chance meeting with a mysterious girl named C.C., Lelouch gains his Geass, the power of the king. Now endowed with absolute dominance over any person, Lelouch may finally realize his goal of bringing down Britannia from within!

Code Geass Japanese Box Set 2
Code Geass Japanese Box Set 2
Code Geass Japanese Box Set 1
Code Geass Japanese Box Set 1
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