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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #18 Anime Review

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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #18
Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #18

Time to get by with a little help from some forgotten friends.

What They Say:
Act 18: “Invasion – Sailor Venus”
Minako sneaks into a channeling session to communicate with people in other dimensions. There, she learns the channeler is Calaveras the Medium of the four Spectre Sisters!

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

Venus is done with waiting for Chibi-usa to start talking. Three of her friends have been kidnapped and it’s time for her to step up and be the leader she never gets to be. She grabs Usagi and Mamoru and they march over to the Tsukino household to question the little girl on what she knows about the Black Moon.

They didn’t really expect to arrive home to find out Chibi-usa had made a friend, or that she would start screaming in terror at the sight of one of the enemy’s black crystal earrings.

All is not copacetic back in the Black Moon headquarters either. It’s not the loss of the sisters that are concerning the the group, but the origins of Wiseman. Prince Demande has been following the shadowy figures plans without question which causes Saphir to wonder if his brother has been brainwashed. Not even the Dark Moon seems to know who or what Wiseman is.

We get to see some support from some nearly forgotten side characters here. A classmate of Rei’s, Mokoto’s underclassman, Naru and Umino all make appearances wondering about their friends. Of course they eventually fall prey to the mind control of Calaveras. We get a little more time with this sister than the last three, just enough to realize that she might have had something going on with Rubeus. She meets her fate the same as the others, but the difference this time is that Rubeus was busy elsewhere and didn’t have time to grab Venus.

Busy elsewhere? Well, he was confronting Usagi and Chibi-usa to try to get the crystal from the ‘rabbit.’ Yes, Chibi-usa took off with Usagi’s broach. I know Chibi-usa is a little kid and is supposed to be illogical and rash, but it must have taken all of Usagi’s willpower not to send the little girl flying. Tuxedo Mask arrives in time to save his lovely ladies. He gets a power and confidence boost from his now formless generals, and yes that means we do see Kunzite and the others again briefly in ghost form. Turns out Tuxedo Mask does have a magical attack of his own he’s able to use against Rubeus, who is forced to retreat.


In Summary:
Another week and it’s another attack by the Black Moon. We’re reminded that there are other characters in this show beyond the leads, and that many of them have clued in that their friends aren’t quite normal. Venus almost falls victim to the same fate as the others but a two pronged attack and a last minute power up for Mamoru prevents the kidnapping. Even the usually forgotten Artemis gets to be useful this time! Usagi and the others are finally about to get some answers to exactly what has been going on with Chibi-usa and the Black Moon. They’re in for quite a shock, and next episode we get to meet the guardian of time herself, Sailor Pluto.

Episode Grade:  B

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