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‘Bodacious Space Pirates’ Japanese Blu-ray Anime Box Set Announced, First Promo Debuts

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Bodacious Space Pirates Moretsu PiratesWhile the series has gotten a domestic release in full form from Sentai Filmworks last fall, Starchild is now set up for a big Japanese box set for Moretsu Pirates, aka Bodacious Space Pirates. The series is scheduled to land in a TV series only box set on June 24th, 2015 for 26,000 yen. It’ll come with the complete twenty-six episode run and all the extras that we saw before, as well as new extras. Some of those include a new drama Cd and newly illustrated box design for it. There’ll be on-disc extras that are new as well to be revealed later.

Plot concept: Most families have a skeleton or two in the closet, but Marika is understandably shocked to learn that her family has been hiding a skull and crossbones! The revelation that her late father was a space pirate would have been earthshaking enough, but discovering that he was the captain of the notorious pirate ship Bentenmaru will change Marika’s life forever. You see, pirating is a family business, and she’s just inherited the position of captain. So what’s a girl to do? Well, if you’re a high school student whose prior total naval experience consists of working at the space yacht club, there’s really only one moral dilemma that has to be resolved: are pirates allowed to wear really short mini-skirts? Get ready for intergalactic buccaneering unlike any you’ve ever seen before as the spaceways get broad-sided by cutting lasses, curvy knaves and the sexiest pirate’s chest ever in Bodacious Space Pirates!

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