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‘Aquarion’ Gets Tenth Anniversary OVA, New TV Anime Series

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AquarionWith it being the tenth anniversary since Aquarion began, a new project is in the works with an OVA called Sosei no Aquarion Love. The project is coming along at the same time as a stage play and the OVA is bringing together an interesting combination of casts from the original Aquarion series and the Aquarion EVOL series. The OVA is set to be directed by Kenji Yasuda under supervision from Shoji Kawamori and is based n the script by Mariko Mochizuki. Takako Shimizu is on board as the character designer and animation director while Shoji Kawamori is handling mecha design. It’s being produced at Satelight and C2C.

Plot concept: The series is set in the spring of 1966. Shin Tsukishima, who is travelling to get a crystal radio, meets Yuno Kawazu, a girl crying on a beach in Izu. Shin and Yuno are guided by the Book of Genesis and meet each other halfway. The boundaries between three worlds begin to distort.

At the Neo Diva Academy, Amata and other Element candidates reassemble to prepare for a new battle. When souls that transcend dimensions gather, a new myth flows through the skies of Showa-era Japan.

The cast includes:

Jun Fukushima as Shin Tsukishima
Yui Ogura as Yuno Kawazu
Yuuki Kaji as Amata Sora
Ai Kayano as Mikono Suzushiro
Kouki Uchiyama as Kagura Demuri
Kana Hanazawa as Zessica Wong
Ayumi Fujimura as MIX
Kenichi Suzumura as Cayenne Suzushiro
Kousuke Toriumi as Andy W Hole
Junichi Suwabe as Donar Dantes
Takuma Terashima as Apollo
Yumi Kakazu as Silvia
Sanae Kobayashi as Lihua
Unshou Ishizuka as Gen Fudō

While a new tenth anniversary OVA is certainly enough for fans of the frnachise to get excited about, a new TV series is coming along as well with Aquarion Logos. The new series is scheduled to debut in July 2015 and will be directed by Eiichi Sato and Daisuke Tsukushi based on scripts by Jun Kumagi, Yuniko Ayana and Mariko Mochizuki. Sanislas Brunet and Yukio Ikeda on handling the mecha design for this series. Takashi Mamezuka is on board as the character designer and chief animation director and it’ll be procued by Sateliet and C2C.

The cast includes:

Nobunaga Shimazaki as Akira Kaibuki
Ayane Sakura as Maia Tsukigane
Yūto Adachi as Subete Kenzaki
Haruka Chisuga as Kokone Kikogami
Yuichiro Umehara as Hayato Kujyo
Takayuki Asai as Tsutomu Domon
Ari Ozawa as Karan Uminagi

No details about the story have been revealed but a promotional video has been released for it. Check out the official site here.

Aquarion Logos Visual
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[Source: ANN]

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