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Comical Psychosomatic Medicine Episode # 05 Anime Review

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Comical Psychosomatic Medicine Episode 5
Comical Psychosomatic Medicine Episode 5
What they say:
“Your Favorite Color Tells All About Your Mental State!”

The Review:
Lolicon and assistant lady introduce themselves as usual as does the colour goddess (I may be taking some heavy painkillers but that’s beside the point). Lolicon announces that this episode we will be doing a colour test. They go through each colour and nonchalantly reveal their (hopefully) deepest secrets. We see a bit of gay fan service with men in their underwear about to do the dittley doo. This is vital information for me to impart I assure you. Colour goddess takes lolicon’s place as head of the show and I guess we can call it an episode.

In Summary:
This episode was really fun. It was nice seeing a new colourful character and although most of the exposition from this week’s episode could probably be found in a high school art class there were a few neat tidbits. The gags were really strong this week and I hope they continue to improve from here. If you have seen the previous episodes this one is definitely worth watching.

Grade: B

Streamed by: Crunchyroll

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