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Military! Episode #05 Anime Review

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Military Episode 5A house with special modifications!

What They Say:
“Nuclear Warhead Captured!!”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the destruction of the house the last time around, things circle around rebuilding this time around. The amusement is that it was rebuilt already, but the man behind it didn’t want to reveal it since it would mean he wouldn’t get to hang around it anymore. Naturally, the house has had a lot of changes made to it with modifications for our team, but it’s also got some traps to it as well, which we see at the start here as one chesty young lady named Aira gets caught in it. She knows Lut, which complicates things to be sure, and even Haruka is freaked out by her intense hugs. Souhei, on the other hand, loves being smooshed in her breasts. The fun from there is just seeing the traps that get sprung and how they’re dealt with. Souhei does have a pretty advanced house, but one that’s more dangerous to him than others in the end.

In Summary:
Military plays it fast and loose here, which one does expect, and we get a good bit of silliness as the house is rebuilt and the group discovers some of the special modifications made to it. The fun definitely works with Aira in the mix as we see how she can overpower the other girls rather easily, and seeing how Souhei reacts to it all. It moves quick and silly with plenty of fanservice to provide the right combination for a show of this nature, even if it’s pretty forgettable overall.

Grade: C

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

Review Equipment:
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