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‘Sinbad: Soratobu Hime to Himitsu no Shima’ Anime Feature Trailer Arrives

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Sinbad Film PosterDetails are still a bit sketchy overall, but the first teaser has arrived for Sinbad: Soratobu Hime to Himitsu no Shima. The new feature film is set to land in July and is being production by Nippon Animation and Shirogumi. The film is directed by Shinpei Miyashita based on the script by Kaeko Hayafune with character designs by Yoshiharu Satou, who is also serving as the animation director for it.

While it will work on the Arabian Nights source material, no details about what stories are being covered on it have been fully revealed.

Please note that I missed covering this the first time around due to being in the hospital for a week.

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