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‘Heaven’s Lost Property: Forte’ Anime Begins HD Subtitled Streaming Run

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Heaven's Lost Property Forte CoverFUNimation has added a little more material recently to make their SubPass and All-AccessPass deals even more enticing for fans with the amount of growing content they have with the second season of this series with Heaven’s Lost Property: Forte. The complete season is now available on their streaming service here for members in its original Japanese language form with English subtitles, but in HD for the first time.

The series is based on the manga of the same name by Suu Minazuki and this season originally aired in 2010 with FUNimation streaming it back then for the twelve episodes it ran.

You can read our review of the first season, second season and movie as well.

Plot concept: Girl-crazy Tomoki’s quiet life gets turned upside down when beautiful, winged Ikaros falls from the sky – and starts calling him master! She seems a little bit lost on Earth, and her origins are shrouded in mystery. One thing’s for sure, though – she just might have the power to make Tomoki’s every dream come true! The heavenly hijinks continue in Heaven’s Lost Property: Forte! Tomoki may long for peace and quiet, but with Ikaros and Nymph still adjusting to life on Earth, things aren’t likely to calm down anytime soon. Plus, there’s a new Angeloid on the scene – and she’s been sent to eliminate Tomoki!

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