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‘Secret Wars Prelude’ Trade Teases Origins

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Secret Wars Prelude HeaderThere’s obviously a lot going on with how Marvel Comics is orchestrating its Secret Wars event as they’ve talked about how it’s been several years in the planning. But with the upcoming May 19th, 2015 debut of the Secret Wars Prelude trade paperback, they’re starting to make it sound like it goes back even further. This release covers a number of stories from different years with connections going all the way back to the original 1984 Secret Wars series.

“These primer TPBs have become hugely successful over the years for both retailers and readers,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “A single volume of stories, these collections are the perfect way to catch up, see the building blocks of the event, and be ready to jump head first directly into the first issue! Carefully handpicked tales from Marvel’s SVP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, this volume is chock full of the titanic tales you need to read, or reread, before the release of Secret Wars #1!”

Collecting New Avengers (2013) #1-3, Secret Wars (1984) #10-12, Fantastic Four #611, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011) #1 and Ultimate Comics Ultimates #4, relive again or for the very first time these important stories leading up to SECRET WARS #1!

Plot concept: An event 30 years in the making, relive important stories and signposts on the road to SECRET WARS #1! What does the senses-shattering conclusion to the original 1984 Secret Wars have to do with the Secret Wars of today? What secrets lie in the Illuminati’s discovery of the Incursions? What threats lie in a universe created by Doctor Doom? The Ultimates face a foe more powerful than the gods – and Reed Richards is its leader! But why? And what does Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man have to do with it all? It’s all been leading to this!

Secret Wars Prelude Cover

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