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Third ‘Uta no Prince-Sama’ Anime Season Premiere Date Set

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Uta no Prince Sama Season 3The third season of Uta no Prince-sama has been something of a long way for fans as it was announced as getting approval way back in December 2013. While we knew it was coming in 2015 and then learned that it was set for a spring season debut, the official site has now updated to reveal that it will premiere on April 4th, 2015 on Tokyo MX.

The series, which has had two seasons so far which have been simulcast and acquired by Sentai Filmworks for home video release. The new season will be directed by Makoto Hoshino, episode director for the first two seasons, at A-1 Pictures with Tomoko Konparu handling the series composition once more while Mitsue Mori returns as the chief animation designer and character designer.

The series stars Miyuki Sawashiro as Haruka Nanami, Takuma Terashima as Otoya Ittoki, Kenichi Suzumura as Masato Hijirikawa, Kishô Taniyama as Natsuki Shinomiya, Mamoru Miyano as Tokiya Ichinose, Junichi Suwabe as Ren Jingūji, Hiro Shimono as Shō Kurusu, Kousuke Toriumi as Cecil Aijima, Showtaro Morikubo as Reiji Kotobuki, Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Ranmaru Kurosaki, Shouta Aoi as Ai Mikaze, Tomoaki Maeno as Camus, Yūichi Nakamura as Ringo Tsukimiya, Koji Yusa as Ryūya Hyūga, Yuka Imai as Tomochika Shibuya and Norio Wakamoto as Shining Saotome.

Original premise: With dreams of becoming a composer and someday writing a song for her favorite idol, Haruka enters the Saotome Academy, a prestigious performing arts school. If successful there, she’ll be able to join the Shining Agency after graduation. However, it won’t be so easy when Haruka is already surrounded by potential idols and composers. On top of that, her homeroom teacher is a current idol, the headmaster was a record-breaking singer, and the academy itself is a chaotic place where anything can happen. Which prince of song will be paired up with Haruka?! Uta no Prince Sama is an exciting, coming-of-age romantic comedy that will be like sweet music to your eyes and ears!

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