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Lucius Fox Character Cast For ‘Gotham’

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Chris ChalkA little more casting news has surfaced ahead of the final four episodes of Gotham that will be arriving starting in April as Chris Chalk will appear in the twenty-first episode as Lucius Fox. The character had hits big screen debut years ago with Morgan Freeman playing it in the three Dark Knight films alongside Christian Bale. In Gotham, we’ll be seeing a younger version to be sure that’s described as Wayne Enterprises’ resident tech genius who becomes “a moral beacon” for Bruce Wayne amidst all the criminal activity in the city.

Chalk has been in a few films recently, including 12 Years a Slave while doing work in both Homeland and The Newsroom for premium network channels.

The character of Lucius Fox is not one that had a huge role in the comics over the years, but he’s been a staple since his creation back in Batman #307 way back in January 1979. He was created by Len Wein and John Cainan for that run. The character has appeared in Batman: The Animated SeriesBtaman Beyond and The Batman in addition to the live action films. The character was also a part of the Gotham Knights release.

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