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‘Etotama’ Anime Gets Full Promo

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EtotamaWith an English subtitled premiere coming up on April 3rd at Sakura-con, the first full anime promo for the spring 2015 anime series Etotama has arrived. The piece is one that shows off a good bit of the animation style and atmosphere from the series as it focuses on the main characters in their adult and more traditional anime forms as opposed to the cute CG versions that they deal with, which we saw in the previous trailer.

The work comes from the manga of the same name that began in 2013 from Tooru Zekuu and Takashi Hoshi with artwork by Hiroma Hino. It’s being produced by Shirogumi Inc and Tablier communications, the series is directed by Fumitoshi Oizako and Takamitsu Hirakawa based on scripts by Deko Akao and character designs by Asami Takahashi and Satoshi Koike. The series is set to star Hiro Shimono as Takeru Tendo, Rie Murakawa as Nyaatan, Ai Ozawa as Umatan, Eriko Matsuki as Mootan, Yumiri Hanamori as Uritan, Yuka Aisaka as Usatan, Megumi Toda as Kitan and Mikoi Sasaki as Piyotan.

Plot concept: The anime’s story revolves around Nya-tan, the cat of Chinese astrology who wants to become a member of the Chinese zodiac. Nya-tan is simple and suffers from memory loss, and she tries various foolish ways to become a member. She meets Takeru Tendo, a high school student who lives alone in Akihabara, and becomes a freeloader at his house. Little by little, she gets closer to her goal.

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