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Natalie Hoover Provides “Boothie” At FUNimation

Natalie HooverWatching the movements of voice actors as they go between various studios and work can be interesting as you get some that work pretty much near exclusive in certain areas. So when some travel outside of the familiar, it increases the curiosity to see what they’ll do.

The latest one that’s apparently doing a little bit outside the norm is Natalie Hoover. She primarily operates out of Los Angeles and came to attention for her win back 2010 as the Japanator New York Anime Festival & Comic Con voice acting contest winner. Since then, she’s done background work in titles such as Blue Exorcise and Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, but also had more character roles in Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet and Giovanni’s Island as well as appearing in Kick-Heart and Sword Art Online.

Now she’s got a new “boothie” with her doing some voice over work at the FUNimation studio, which certainly raises the question of wondering what project she could be involved in that would get her out there.

Natalie Hoover

“Boothie” at so much fun today~!!

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