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‘X-tinction Agenda’ Latest ‘Secret Wars’ Series

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X-tinction Agenda Issue 1 HeaderThe growing number of titles as part of the Secret Wars event is pretty much giving everyone a chance at looking at a past hit in a new way and the X-Tinction Agenda is the latest one. This series, bringing us back to one of the bigger X-Men crossovers of years past is set to land in June and they’ve got some great talent on it with Marc Guggenheim handling the writing chores in between his work on Arrow as an executive producer and with artist Carmine Di Giandomenico, who is known for their work on All-New X-Factor.

“A virus is decimating the mutant and mutate population,” says writer Marc Guggenheim in an interview with “The X-Men have a cure in the form of Triage, but won’t violate the quarantine that Genosha is under, not wanting to risk extinction should the virus spread. Havok and Wolfsbane take it upon themselves to go and get Triage and bring him back to Genosha, by force if necessary.”

Check out the cover art below!

Plot concept: It has been ten years since the fall of Cameron Hodge and his fascist regime. Ten years that Havok and Wolfsbane have toiled and labored to rebuild Genosha into the proud mutant homeland it once was. But a decade removed from Hodge and his iron rule, their work may all be for naught. A plague has spread across the nation, infecting mutants and threatening their race with extinction. With all of Genosha quarantined and all but abandoned by the rest of the world, including the X-Men, old friends may become new enemies!

Ask yourself – what lengths would you go to save your people? Havok and Wolfsbane will stop at nothing to save the people of Genosha – but have they doomed Earth in the process? Find out as the landmark X-Crossover of the 90’s makes it to Battleworld in X-TINCTION AGENDA #1 this June!

On Sale in JUNE!

X-tinction Agenda Issue 1 Cover

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