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Wilmer Valderrama Boards ‘Minority Report’ Series

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Wilmer Valderrama
Wilmer Valderrama

Casting for Minority Report continues to move along well and the latest actor to join the pilot with series potential is a bit of a surprise with Wilmer Valderrama. While many know him for his role as Fez in That 70’s Show, Valderrama has been quite busy since in a number of areas, from voice work to singing, but he’s also in the main cast of the ongoing series From Dusk Til Dawn, where he plays Don Carlos Madrigal. Valderrama will play Will Blake in Minority Report, a new police detective at the precinct who fills in for Vega when she’s out on leave, and when Vega sizes him up, she decides she doesn’t like him.

The show has cast Stark Sands to the dual role of twin brothers Dash and Arthur while Meagan Good has joined as Lara Vega. Daniel London will be in the series, reprising his role as Wally the Caretaker from the film, as well as Li Jun Li and Laura Regan. Regan is set to play Agatha, which was played by Samantha Morton in the film, while Li is on board as a CSI tech named Akella.

“One of the three Precogs, Dash (Sands), struggles to lead a “normal” human life, but remains haunted by visions of the future, when he meets a detective, Lara Vega (Meagan Good), who’s haunted by her past and just might help him find a purpose to his gift. Sands will play the dual role of identical twin brothers Dash and Arthur who both possess the unique ability to see into the future, specifically murders before they happen.”

The pilot has been written by Max Borenstein, who penned the Godzilla screenplay, and it’s being produced by Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank. The pilot has now been given the go-ahead to be filmed for contention for a series pickup of some sort, as Fox continues to play with different episode lengths based on what a show needs. Most importanty, the pilot has picked up a showrunner for it with Kevin Falls, who has worked on The West Wing and more recently with Franklin & Bash.

The series was previously described as: “The project is envisioned as a sequel to the movie, set ten years after the end of Precrime in DC. One of the three Precogs struggles to lead a “normal” human life, but remains haunted by visions the future, when he meets a detective haunted by her past, who just may help him find a purpose to his gift.”

The film certainly hit some good notes when it landed in 2002, extrapolating where things can go nicely, and this would certainly provide something relevant to the changes since then in social media.

Film Concept: For six years, Washington D.C. has been murder free thanks to astounding technology which identifies killers before they commit their crime. But when the chief of the Precrime Unit (Tom Cruise) is himself accused of a future murder, he has just 36 hours to discover who set him up – or he’ll fall victim to the “perfect” system he helped create.

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