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Pony Canyon Reveals New ‘Maoyu’ Japanese Box Set Anime Packaging

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MaoyuWhile the single volume releases of Maoyu landed during 2013 after the series release, the show got slotted for a box set release at the end of last year with a release date of March 18th, 2015. Priced at 22,680 yen, it’ll bring the whole work together in something a little more affordable for Japanese fans. Now the cover and packaging artwork has been revealed, which should pretty much excite those same fans to see what’s involved. Check out the full packaging as well as both of the panels for the box.

The set brings the full series together in a six disc version, bringing us the releases that we had seen previously with no changes to it. There’ll be a couple of special art cards included as well as a pair of stickers alongside a new booklet.

Check out our review of the series as released by Sentai Filmworks last summer here.

Plot concept: Names can be deceiving, something the warrior known as Hero quickly discovers when he storms the castle of the dread Demon King that mankind has fought for fifteen years. For one thing, the “king” turns out to be a queen! Even more shocking, though, is that she’s waiting for him with an unexpected proposal.

She points out that it would be bad for both sides if the war was to end immediately, as without a common enemy, the individual factions of the winning side are certain to turn on each other in a new series of civil wars. However, she has a plan to end the war, bring democracy and advanced knowledge to humanity, and ensure lasting prosperity for both sides, no matter who “wins”. But to accomplish this, she needs a collaborator on the human side, and she’s chosen Hero as the one partner she can trust! Is it a deal with the devil, or mankind’s only hope for lasting peace?

Maoyu Japanese Box Set Image 3 Maoyu Japanese Box Set Image 2 Maoyu Japanese Box Set Image 1

[Source: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha]

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