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‘Geneshaft’ Anime Begins Hulu Distribution

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Geneshaft HeaderOne series that was thought to be lost to the last decade is Geneshaft, which Bandai Entertainment released but didn’t garner much attention for. With it not being picked up by other studios at this point that are picking over the former library, Bandai Visual has brought the thirteen episode show out on Hulu to generate a little interest. The series was an original work from Kazuki Akane that was produced by Satelite and Studio Gazelle back in the spring of 2001. It featured some relatively early Maaya Sakamoto work and had original character designs done by Yasushi Yamaguchi.

The Hulu presentation brings out the show in both its original Japanese and English language adaptations, the English language version of which was produced by PCB Productions for Bandai.

Plot concept: In the latter half of the 21st century, mankind and the Earth are on the verge of destruction because of men rash actions. A choice was made to preserve the species and the world: mankind would regulate itself using genetic engineering. The ideal ratio of 1 man for every 9 women was established. It is now the middle of the 23rd century. People are artificially engineered according to the skills deemed necessary for humanity, and each person has a specific gene type. Above this peaceful Earth floats a gigantic ring of unknown origin. This ring, seemingly doing nothing, is in reality relaying information about humanity back to an alien force. A team of five girls with super abilities is tasked with saving the Earth from this alien threat.