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Madman Waiting On Dub For ‘Samurai Flamenco’ Anime Release

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Samurai Flamenco
Samurai Flamenco

It’s been quite awhile since we last heard anything about the fall 2013 series Samurai Flamenco, which Aniplex USA has the rights to while Anime Limited has it in the UK and Madman Entertainment in Australia. The Madman folks had the question posed to them on Facebook since they picked up the release in December 2013 and had hoped to get it out in late 2014:

– Is Samurai Flamenco getting a DVD release or are we waiting on a Dub?

– Yes, we’re waiting on a dub at this stage, but we’ll let you know if that ever changes!

With the way the schedule has gone, and the series finishing its run at the end of the winter 2014 anime season, we’ll likely be hearing about the North American release soon and if the exchange is accurate, we’ll be hearing about a dub as well.

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[Source: Facebook via WTK]

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