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Wake Up, Girls! Zoo Episode #04 Anime Review

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Wake Up Girls Zoo Episode 4
Wake Up Girls Zoo Episode 4
Mmm, fried eagle…

What They Say:
“Is there any meaning to an eagle who cannot fly?” I met a young girl named Miyu in the zoo at dusk. From October 22nd, 2014, to February 25, 2015, I shall exchange countless words with Miyu and come to understand her.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
When you get any amount of animals/people together, there will always be those that try to impose a hierarchy. Such is the case at the start here as our eagle, Miyu, tries to show off as the real treasure of the zoo, even though they can’t fly, while our resident lion, Mayu, insists they are. Miyu ends up going around the park basically setting up RPG style questions asked of the player about how to do things in the zoo and what kind of “date” they’re having together, right up through a sunset that embarrasses her. Because plainly we’re going to date an eagle. Of course, it takes a weird twist along the way before the game as a whole crashes, but how could you not think of her as yummy fried eagle?

In Summary:
While I’ve had smiles with the first couple of episodes, these kinds of episodes are ones that work for me rarely as we see the show through the lens of a dating simulation game. There are cute choices to be had mixed in with the serious ones, but by and large it’s just a treading through the episode kind of experience. The fun moments are outweighed by the tedium of it all in the end.

Grade: C

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

Review Equipment:
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