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Assassination Classroom Episode #04 Anime Review

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Assassination Classroom Episode 4
Assassination Classroom Episode 4
Sometimes a pro isn’t the best for the job

What They Say:
One day a weird tentacle creature destroys 70% of the moon and threatens to do the same to Earth in a year. However in exchange for being allowed to teach a group of misfit students called the E-Class, he’ll allow them to try and assassinate him. With the chance to earn 10 billion yen and prove their worth to the world, the kids are willing to give it a shot, but this thing might just end up being the best teacher they’ve ever had.

The Review:
Content (warning as portions of this review may contain spoilers):
As a series called Assassination Classroom, it was inevitable that actual assassins would get thrown into the mix. So far aside from Karasuma who’s been regulated to a supporting role for the time being, all of the assasination attempts have come from the students and even with Karma actually getting close to killing Korosensei last week you still have to wonder how an actual assasin would fare. This week’s episode answers that question and it’s a pretty interesting result.

The hitman in question comes in the form of a woman named Irina Jelavic who transfers to 3-E as a new teacher. Despite seemingly coming on to Korosensei, the students are pretty savvy to her actual identity and it thankfully doesn’t take long for her true colors to show. Normally her kind of character type is a bit annoying but the show is pretty self aware of that fact, with the kids even giving her a nickname to match it and using the fanservice it’d normally come with for some actual gags. Needless to say though, she and the students don’t get along very well as personality aside, she’s far more interested in killing Korosensei than being a teacher and her pro mentality comes off as a bit too smug.

As for her actual assassination attempt it fails (of course), but also amusingly turns out to be the least effective seen thus far. What’s interesting about the failure though is that it’s particularly because it is a realistic assassination attempt and  (along with apparently not having the sense to think the BB’s being used on Korosensei existed for a reason) therefore pretty easy to see through for Korosensei compared to the more creative methods employed by the students. After dealing with the failure (and a tentacle joke that was a bit more creepy than funny) she’s forced to reevaluate her purpose at the school and realizes that much like how the students are learning to balance themselves between learning and assassination, she she has to find that balance too in order to fit in.

She decides to take the teaching side of things a bit more seriously and starts by teaching the kids some English they’re better off not knowing and having her nickname upgraded(and not any less hilariously offensive). Putting the punchline aside, it’s a pretty nice approach for the show to take, and it displays that the adults in the series have just as much room to grow as characters as the kids do and that’s something often ignored in shonen. Of course it’s now pretty apparent that no one but the students will ever get close to killing Korosensei, but it should be fun seeing more hitmen come into the picture in the meantime.

In Summary:
Assassination Classroom takes the time to introduce an actual assassin this week and while she’s pretty bad at her job in that respect, she’s a pretty fun character in her own right and she has room to become a lot more interesting. In the meantime though, whatever assassin gets sent next needs to actually read up on their target.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Funimation, Hulu

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