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Wake Up, Girls! Zoo Episode #02 Anime Review

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Wake Up Girls Zoo Episode 2Mmm, Kobe beef…

What They Say:
Nanami and her friends exchange ideas to get “Wake Up, Girls ZOO” back on its feet. The girls come up with a plan to create an aquarium, a popular and typical date destination, to bring in the money.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With a cute enough introduction in the first episode and the setup for the girls to help save the zoo by being idols for it, the series is certainly set to hit its adorable factor. In an effort to build an audience, the first thing they come up with is getting the aquarium side up since that’s a draw for couples on dates and the like. This comes alongside just getting to know the girls and their particular signature aspects a bit more, which is cute as we get the usual always hungry type and one that’s definitely interested in a love life, even though it would be a scandal for an idol. The playfulness of it is definitely cute as it plays out while the other girls in the fish tank end up passing out before it shifts into the performance number.

In Summary:
While the first episode certainly made me smile, this one does for a different reason. Focusing on just a couple of the girls and not the human side of it for the moment, we get the background bits with the girls in the tank as the shark and alligator trying to get the idea of the aquarium as the big draw. Those not in the tank just get teased about their interests though, as one goes on in a very amusing way with her love of food while the other is just trying to deny being interested in a romance that could lead to a scandal. The girls are all still pretty much nameless to it since we’re supposed to know them from the main series, but it works well enough as a simple gag comedy to keep me amused in general.

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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