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Japanese ‘SHIROBAKO’ Anime DVD/BD Release Promotes Commentary, More

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Shirobako HuluAs the second half or SHIROBAKO rolls on when it comes to the broadcast and simulcast side of it, the home video releases are moving right along as well. Warner Bros. Japan continues to put some fun things out for fans to check out in hopes of encouraging them to purchase the releases. The latest comes in the form of a 90 second sample of one of the commentary tracks, which is really fun for a show like this, while the other is a bit more involved. The second clocks in at fifteen minutes and has a visit to the PA Works facility alongside talking about how anime is produced and some of what’s involved in it, giving us a chance to see some good talks about the show. Here’s hoping these extras are included in the eventual North American release!

The fall and winter anime series has Tsutomu Mizushima on board as the director with Michiko Yokote doing the overall supervision while Ponkan8 is handling the original character designs and Kanami Sekiguchi is adapting them into animation form.

The cast includes Juri Kimura as Aoi Miyamori, Haruka Yoshimura as Emma Yasuhara, Haruka Chisuga as Shizuka Sakaki, Asami Takano as Misa Todo and Hitomi Ohwada as Midori Imai.

P.A. Works was established back in 2000 by Kenji Horikawa, who has been involved in several animation studios previously. They worked on numerous shows over the years and produced their first on in 2008 with True Tears before going on to Canaan, Angel Beats and several others, including this seasons Glasslip.

Plot concept: Five girls chasing their dreams! Based on the original manga by Kenji Sugihara, follow each girl’s trials and hardships as they try to find success in the anime industry through writing, production and voice acting.

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