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Sentai Adds ‘High School Of The Dead’ Anime DVD/BD Collectors Edition Unboxing

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High School Of The Dead LE 1While the release came out a couple of months ago, Sentai Filmworks has put together a new five minute unboxing video for their collectors edition of High School of the Dead. The show still pretty much sells like crazy at conventions and is one of those beautiful gateway shows for fans to get into and then get sucked into other series.

Sentai Filmworks has had a few releases before, including doing a very low-priced release for the OVA that came out after their original license, and they went big for the 2014 holiday season with a great collectors package. The release is priced at $149.98, but you can find some decent discounts out there and probably a few more as the holiday season pricing wars heat up.

This release is pretty slick in that it brings us the twelve episodse plus the OVA and a few other things, such as a special Book featuring Illustrations and short novels, a bandana, a parking sticker, 4 Postcards, and a premium chipboard art box. If you’ve been hedging a bit, or just curious what the actual product looks like, check out the unboxing below!

Plot concept: It began without warning. It continues without mercy. Now a band of high schoolers join forces with guns, swords, baseball bats and anything else they can get their hands on to battle a bloodthirsty, flesh-hungry zombie apocalypse.

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