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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #13 Anime Review

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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #13
Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #13

Our heroine and world savior…

What They Say:
“Act 13:  Finale Battle – Reincarnation”

To end the painful journey, Sailor Moon stabs Mamoru with the holy sword before turning it on herself. The two fall to the ground, and are sucked in by Queen Metalia.

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The longer I sit and dwell on this adaptation of Sailor Moon the more I dislike it.  Last week’s episode was abysmal.  I’m sure there are some people out there perfectly happy with it, but they don’t run in the same circles I do.

This episode opens on the aftermath of Usagi’s decision to give up and kill her possessed soul mate and kill herself.  She somehow accomplishes this impalement with no blood!  I shouldn’t get too hung up on that, because this episode has some of the worst animation that we’ve seen in the series yet.  It hits all the bullet points, off model, nonsensical, and otherwise lack-thereof depictions of movement and action.  It is the laziest direction, lacking passion and approaching a level of phoning it in that I haven’t seen in a commercial work of animation in quite some time.  Let alone in a project of this high of a profile.  I hope that the animation at the six minute mark is placeholder because it’s an embarrassment.

The sailor guardians have very little reaction to watching their leader off herself.  They’re more concerned with the reaction the silver crystal goes through, growing huge right in front of the evil entity Queen Metalia.  The crystal engulfs the two doomed lovers, is swallowed by Metalia, and the guardians give chase.  They attempt a sailor planet attack, which actually makes the animation of the old series look like a Ghibli film in comparison, which ends up being ineffective against Metalia.  She instead launches her attack on the world, and suddenly it’s a zombie apocalypse.

The cats retreat to the moon, where Luna proceeds to have a breakdown.  The guardians lie defeated, until they hear the voice of their leader and remember how Usagi stood up for them.  It’s basically the reverse of the original adaptation where Usagi was encouraged by the guardians at the darkest moment.  They girls give up their transformation powers to try to reach Usagi and awaken her inside the crystal inside of Metalia, and it’s mostly futile.

Usagi does wake up inside the crystal, surprised to be alive.  We find out why there was no blood, Usagi stuck the watch with her strike.  Why did she pass out?  Drama, I suppose.  Likewise, the strike she landed on Mamoru was blocked by the gemstones that were his generals.  Usagi wishes on the crystal to escape the confines of Metalia and discovers that Mamoru is all right as well.  She uses the crystal to fight back against the darkness but it’s not enough.

Well, not enough until a pep talk from her man.  I thought this new series was trying to get away from that?  Well, whatever.  Usagi is able to harness the true powers of the silver crystal and readies herself for the final attack!  And then… and then the episode ends on a cliffhanger.


In Summary:
Usagi is out of time and Sailor Moon Crystal is out of budget.  Her suicide attempt is thwarted by fate, it would seem.  Her friends and loved ones are ready to throw their lives away for her, but why does it take so long for her to find her confidence?  These episodes should have had the strongest animation and yet we get an absolute mess of barely constructed scenes that are absolutely terrible looking.  I’m guessing all the animation is being saved for next week’s episode which will conclude this story arc and begin the next… with the arrival of everyone’s favorite character.  Forget the world, someone needs to save me from this show.

Episode Grade:  D

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