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Robert Rodriguez Moving Forward With ‘Fire & Ice’ At Sony

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Fire & Ice HeaderOriginally talked about back at SDCC in 2011, Robert Rodriguez is now finally set to start moving forward on a film based on the Frank Frazetta Fire & Ice artwork. Rodriguez talked about wanting to do this after finishing Sin City 2 and now that that film has come and gone, he’s now starting on that. According to Deadline, the film is being set up at Sony Pictures with the pre-production getting underway by summer 2015 at the latest. Sony’s looking for a new franchise and a big, sprawling and appealing fantasy piece could be what’s next to balance out some of the superhero stuff out there, and to go in a very different direction than the Hobbit films since this would be set in a “brutal and primitive” world.

Check out some of Rodriguez’s concept art released a few years ago below.

Plot concept: From his stronghold in Ice Peak, the evil Nekron sends forth a wave of deadly glaciers, forcing humanity to retreat to Fire Keep, a kingdom ruled by a generous king. When King Jarol’s daughter Teegra is kidnapped, young warrior Larn teams with the mysterious and legendary Dark Wolf, to rescue the princess and the realm from Nekron’s evil sorcery.

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