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‘Beyblade: Metal Fusion’ Anime Begins Hulu Distribution

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Beyblade Metal FusionCinedigm has put up a few Beyblade shows recently and the big one in the batch is the one that started this particular incarnation with the 2009 series Beyblade: Metal Fusion. The show ran for 51 episodes for this particular piece of the sprawling animated puzzle  of shows and the entire run is now available on Hulu. The show was animated by Tatsunoko and SynergySP and was produced in North America for this version by Nelvana and Hasbro, which gave it some decent push across several networks over the years. Not surprisingly, this show is like others that Cinedigm has put out in that it’s available only to Hulu Plus members with no more than a 90 second or so preview of episodes.

Plot concept: Beyblade: The Animated Series draws from the spirit of the real-life sport and incorporates it into an animated world, filled with cool characters, high octane competition, and ancient, mystical beasts.

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