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Tribe Cool Crew Episode #11 Anime Review

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“Tribe Cool Crew” Episode 11

Let the games begin!

What They Say
Haneru is a kid who’s always been into dancing and dreams of becoming a famous dancer like his idol Jey-El. One day while he’s practicing his moves at his usual spot he finds out it’s the same place where a girl named Kanon also practices and she’s secretly a famous dancer known as Rhythm who’s well known on the internet. After being impressed by her moves and finding out she’s been watching his, he decides to form a dance team with her.

The Review:
Content(warning as portions of this review may contain spoilers):
It’s tournament time in Tribe Cool Crew and the real fun is just beginning. The show’s breaks from its recent string of character episodes and while those were fun in their own way the real joy of the series comes from the dancing. Of course since things are just getting started there’s not much dancing to actually be had but there’s enough in this setup to keep things interesting.

This week’s episode kicks off with the beginning of the Dance Road tourney and everyone makes their own little preparations for it. Getting to the actual competition itself is a bit of an adventure on it’s own though as Jey-El and whoever else is funding has a pretty elaborate setup to keep things secret.  Once they arrive the show reintroduces Yuji along with his two teammates, who call their group Explosive Machine Guns (yes that’s actually the name) and everyone prepares to take the stage. After explaining how the audience votes and seeing a few groups montage their way through episode, Tribe Cool Crew gets their turn and make a pretty great impression. Explosive Machine Guns goes up next but their performance looks to be saved for next week.

As with any kind of shonen tournament, there seems to be an unspoken rule that there must be an episode devoted entirely to setting up the tournament and this show is no exception. That said, it’s pretty amusing set up though as it’s kind of funny to see how far it goes in  keeping the whole thing secret, and there’s a nice character moment with Kanon as she reflects how far she’s come from her days as Rhythm with her finally being able to go up on stage as herself. She’s always been the most interesting member of the group in that aspect so it’s nice to see the show still knows how to address it.

It’s also kind of nice to get a look at some of the competition, though it’ll pretty much be impossible to ever take that name for the rival team seriously (or figure out how it would get approved for a kids’ show even by Japan’s standards). Interestingly though despite the rules saying five teams will move on from this point, they’re the only ones who get any real focus (though one all-girls team is briefly named so maybe they’ll be important) so it’s a nice and kind of subversive ploy that the show’s not making it extremely obvious who else we’ll be seeing again. Beyond that though there’s not much else to the episode and though there’s some dancing from the gang this week by the time the episode gets to it, it feels like episode’s been cut short since it ends just before the weirdly named rival group gets to show their stuff. Ah well, for the next time it seems.

In Summary:
This week’s episode is pretty much the standard shonen tournament set-up, and those a pretty much par-the-course at this point when it comes to fiction. There’s still a bit of fun to be had with the episode but for the most part, it’s not really anything beyond that. Sadly there wasn’t too much dancing this time either but since most of the build up seems to be out of the way, hopefully the next episode will deliver in spades and the rival team has more going for them than their absurd name.

Grade: B

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