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Madman Acquires ‘One Week Friends’ Australian Anime License

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One Week Friends
One Week Friends

Acquisitions have been coming along in a steady stream from Australian distributors recently and Madman Entertainment is keeping that up today. They’ve added a new license to their library with the pickup of One Week Friends. The company will be bringing it out in streaming form on AnimeLab soon for Australian and New Zealand audiences and a home video later on in 2015. The series has seen a North American pickup earlier this year by Sentai Filmworks, though they haven’t determined whether the release will get a dub or not yet.

The series is based on the work by original creator Matcha Hazuki and is directed by Tarou Iwasaki (Sunday Without God, Another), with series composition by Shotaro Suga (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, The Eccentric Family), art direction by Akira Ito (Bodacious Space Pirates, AKB0048), and animation production by Brains Base (Penguindrum, Amnesia).

Plot Concept: It is said that one of the qualities of a true friendship is to understand and be understood. Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done, particularly when it comes to being friends with someone that has no recollection of being your friend the week after befriending them. To become friends over and over, again and again… that is the goal of Yuki Hase when approaching schoolmate Kaori Fujimaya. You see, things aren’t so simple when your memory disappears. And that’s exactly what happens with Kaori – she’s always alone because she can’t commit anything to memory, even if that commitment is as special as a memory of one of her friends. No matter how cherished her memories are, they vanish by the time Monday rolls around. But Yuki won’t give up in the fight for friendship as he embarks on a new mission every week to befriend a person he already knows. In this friendship, everything that’s old is new again in ONE WEEK FRIENDS!

[Source: Madman Ent. licenses One Week Friends]

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