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Gerry Conway Returns To ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ In March

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Amazing Spider-man 16-1 HeaderFor longtime comic fans and those of Spider-Man in particular, March 2015 looks like the place to be as Gerry Conway returns to Amazing Spider-Man with issue 16.1 as part of a new five issue storyline. Conway certainly holds the title of being a Legendary Spidey Writer and he’ll be teamed up with Carlo Berberi for the story of crime, corruption, and the dark corners of the Marvel Universe  that claim to change how that operates.

“Hammerhead; Tombstone; the Circus of Crime; Black Cat and Mr. Negative – they’re all at each other’s throats because there’s no single overlord of crime currently running things in New York,” says Gerry Conway in an interview with “Things only escalated, especially after the Goblin King fell out of the scene and Doc Ock is no longer operating as the Superior Spider-Man – keeping a lid on everything.”

Plot concept: Spider-Verse may be over, but Peter Parker’s troubles are just beginning. A crime wave rips through New York City. The underworld is still in flux following the Kingpin’s removal from Shadowland. Gangs wage turf wars unchecked on the streets of Manhattan. The gang war is heating up and Spidey is going to do something about it!

Only he’s not alone! Police Captain Yuri Watanabe meters out her own justice both as a member of the NYPD and as the vigilante known as THE WRAITH! But do she and Spider-Man play by the same rules? How far is she willing to go to keep New York safe?

Cover by ART ADAMS
On Sale March 2015!

Amazing Spider-man 16-1 Cover

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