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‘The Case Of Hana & Alice’ Anime Prequel Debuts First Trailer

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The Case Of Hana & Alice
The Case Of Hana & Alice

Set to debut on February 20th, 2015, the prequel animated film for The Case of Hana & Alice has arrived. The live action film is simply called Hana & Alice, which came out back in 2004 after originally starting as a series of short films designed, of all things, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Kit Kat in Japan. The original film was directed, written and produced by Shunji Iwai, who has returned to direct this piece as well. This film is designed around showing how the two lead characters met for the film that’s already out there and both actresses are returning to voice the characters.

The new film is also getting a manga adaptation that will start in February while a novel adaption is coming as well for full mass media coverage.

The previous teaser trailer:

Check out the original film trailer:

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