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Star Wars Thursday: Shelf That Elf Edition

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Star Wars Elf 1Welcome back to Star Wars Thursday, a celebration of the wonderful and often wacky world of a galaxy far, far away.

Almost all parents have, in their minds, an image of their ideal parenting style. For some it is the knowledge that their child may not see them as a friend now, but will benefit later. For others, it is making sure their offspring get opportunities they never had. For most Star Wars fans around my age, it includes the perfect scenario for introducing their younglings to the “long time ago” world that captured our hearts in our own childhood.

More than a handful of parents in my Facebook feed apparently feel the need to terrorize… err…. encourage excellent behavior from… their wee ones during the Christmas season by moving a creepy little elf around each night in December. I guess Santa needs some assistance in knowing who should be on his ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ lists. Hey, I’m a teacher. Who am I to judge anything that helps keep kids on a more even keel during this nutty month?

Since there are many younglings who adore Star Wars, it makes sense to try to set some of these scenes in our favorite world, right? This little friend made a video of the family Elf with some Star Wars flair. Of course, there may be some consequences for having touched the elf…  maybe the child will succumb to the Dark Side.

There are so many creative types out there, so there just had to be Star Wars Elf on a Shelf ideas to discover. This one came through my Twitter feed from @Jedipadmaster, which is an image he found on Reddit.

I doubted I could top that one, but I decided to play along anyway. I don’t have an elf at my house, so I put out the call at work. I was pretty sure someone in the building had a classroom elf, and I wasn’t disappointed. One of the kindergarten teachers responded to my plea and graciously allowed me to “Star Warsify” her elf. I just happened to have some ships and a lightsaber in my own classroom (shhh… don’t judge me).

Star Wars Elf 2

There is no shortage of Elf ideas on the internet, as you probably know if you even peek at Pinterest ever. So I dove into the fray to find some other Star Wars elf ideas online.

The Colorado Moms blog ran a giveaway in 2012 for creative Elf ideas. They even decided to use a fabulous Star Wars example in the contest description. Our fandom will conquer the entire world, one mom at a time.

Star Wars Elf 3

Your Modern Family put together a set of elf ideas for boys. I got annoyed by the post title, but the author starts out right away with the disclaimer that these ideas are for everyone. Her own sons helped pick these out, which is why she titled the post this way. I guess I can give her a pass on that. The Elf holding a glow stick as a lightsaber makes me want to quote from Spaceballs, though.

Star Wars Elf 4

Star Wars Storytime comes to use from the Busy Kids, Happy Mom blog. This one has the double whammy of being Star Wars AND books!

Star Wars Elf 5

These two elves better not disappoint, especially since there are two Vaders in the scene. I sense a disturbance in the Force. Well done, See Mom Click!

Star Wars Elf 6

I know many of you don’t have an elf on your own shelf, so let’s end with this. I love the way several of my favorite characters have been “elfed”. Artoo looks particularly silly with his little robotic head dancing atop an elfish body.

Until next week – may the Force be with you!

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