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Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode #10 Anime Review

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Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 10
Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode 10

Do you wanna build a gunpla?

What They Say:
“Gunpla Collection”

The Try Fighters have won the West Tokyo qualifying tournament for the Gunpla Battle Japanese Championship. As Sekai recovers from the damage of assimilation, he thinks ahead to the powerful new opponents gathering at the national tournament. Meanwhile Sekai’s sister Mirai Kamiki, who works as a fashion model, has been signed up for the “Tokyo Gunpla Collection,” an event meant to fuse Gunpla with fashion. The highlight of the event will be a Gunpla Rally between modeling agencies. With the help of Sekai and Yuuma, Mirai successfully builds her Mama-Beargguy. On the day of the Gunpla Collection, Sekai and the others go to visit Mirai after the glorious fashion show. Here they encounter Taku, the leader of the popular rock group SGOCK Third Generation. Somehow or other, thanks to Sekai, Mirai may now have to go on a date with Taku depending on the outcome of the race.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Gundam Build Fighters is an excellent show. Not only does it have cool robot battles, but it can also have a girl who’s really cool fight against a douchbag guy, act motherly and awesome in the very same fight and, ultimately, break the phallic symbol in the guy’s gunpla. How can this show get better? Oh right. It has a swimsuit episode that is maybe, MAYBE, at one point offensive and instead is 100 percent fun.

After almost nine episodes of buildup and fighting, they deserve an episode like this. Nothing of real significance happens, but it manages to be one of the best the series has put out thus far. It focuses straight in on the characters and has fun with them. Moments like Hoshino’s mother being a typical mother and embarrassing her daughter when Sekai arrives unannounced to Yuuma teaching Mirai to build gunpla, this episode was completely character-based. It’s stronger for it.

Yuuma’s little gunpla that he built for Mirai is the cutest little thing and gives away a bit too much about his taste in women (motherly, protecting, perhaps older) and Mirai’s demeanor toward it shows her personality toward Yuuma specifically, who she sees as no more than another little brother—at least for now. It speaks to herself as well, growing up with someone like Sekai. She’s protective, but not overbearing. She knows the little ones will get hurt and doesn’t prevent them from doing so (Sekai representative of this, plus the little blue Bearguy), but will step up when the danger’s too high. She stands in front of the blast as it’s about to destroy the little one at the sacrifice of the big machine. She has the instincts of a parent already, no doubt because she’s had to deal with Sekai.

There’s something more going on beneath all of Build Fighters’ fun, and I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the mystery. They’re going to be fighting someone all the same, why shroud it at all? It creates a false sense of dread when the dread should come from simply seeing the opponents’ battles in action, as we’ve seen in the qualifying rounds. I’ll enjoy it when it comes, but I question the journey it takes.

In Summary:
This episode, more than anything, reminds us that Gundam Build Fighters and now Try is a show that’s about fun. It’s not about the battles or the gunpla—though those are main draws — it’s about the fun the viewer will have watching the show and, hopefully, building the gunpla from the show and beyond. It’s the most brilliant commercial I’ve ever seen and I’ve sat through now 35 gripping episodes of it.

Grade: A

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